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Eva and Hula came into rescue May 16, 2018. They were scheduled to go to 2 different fosters, but since we discovered how bonded they are, they are being fostered together. Both sweet girls are blind, but that is nothing compared to their other health challenges. Eva is an 8 year old female who needs to be spayed and have her breathing evaluated, but neither of those can be completed until we get her diabetes under control. Her previous family didn't know she was diabetic, so she if finally feeling better. However, her diabetes is not yet regulated. She has a glucose curve every 10 days. Eva did have a consult at the University of Minnesota, but their recommendation is to get her diabetes regulated before addressing her other issues.

Hula is an 11 year old sweetheart with plenty of challenges of her own. In a few weeks she will have surgery at the University of Minnesota (due to her high risk needs) to remove a mammary tumor and to remove 2 toes that are so overgrown they are going into her bone. They did discover she had a bone infection as a result of the nails going into the bone.  The cost for this procedure was $2,243.12.  After she recovers, she will need an extensive dental.  She was seen by a dental specialist and her procedure will need to be done at the U of M because without special care, her jaw could collapse.  They talked about injecting liquid bone to stablaize her jaw.  This will be another $2,000+. In addition, she walks hunched because she has spondylosis in her back. She was most likely injured at some point and the back fused together. She does well on medication, but we will get that evaluated as well to make sure we are doing all we can.

Hula and Eva will likely cost $5,000+ in medical bills.  Midwest Pug Rescue - MN Division is able to not need to request donations on an ongoing basis because of ongoing support of iFosters, people who shop on Amazon Prime, Give to the Max Day, and charitable contributions.  However, Hula and Eva's medical expenses surpass our funds that we have currently have.  Please consider helping these sweet girls by donating to their care.  Use the button below to donate through PayPal.

Mission Statement

Midwest Pug Rescue - MN Division rescues and provides a safe and loving sanctuary for abandoned, surrendered, stray, and neglected pugs.  Midwest Pug Rescue - MN Division works to raise public awareness of the plight of homeless animals through our various community events.  We are an all volunteer organization of pug lovers who are dedicated to the breed with the goal of providing fairy tale endings for our curly tailed friends.  The organization is funded solely through adoption fees and donations.


Donations not only support pugs in rescue, but they also support our hospice pugs who have more extreme medical needs.

If you would like your donation to go anywhere specific, please make a note of that in the comments.  Otherwise, donations go to veterinary bills.

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Be an iFoster

In our iFoster Program, you donate a regular monthly amount to financially support our fostered pugs.  There are 3 levels of iFosters including:
  • Gold iFoster - $50 per month
  • Silver iFoster - $25 per month
  • Bronze iFoster - $10 per month
All donations are tax deductible. 

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