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Tigger is a very special boy who is near and dear to the hearts of those of us in rescue. Through no fault of his own, he has been in and out of rescue. Midwest Pug Rescue - MN Division rescued Tigger when he was 3 years old from a backyard breeder who was keeping him in unpleasant conditions. He didn't know anything about living with a family, in a home, how to do stairs, etc. Through the years, he has become the sweetest, most lovable boy. Tigger is looking for a very special home to spend his retirement in.

Tigger is 10 years old and has Pug Myelopathy. This condition is a neurological condition that means that even though he is very healthy overall, he does not have control over his back end. Though he scoots a bit, he is unable to walk and has little desire to move on his own with a wheelchair. Tigger LOVES to be with people. He is carried from room to room to sit in the same area as his people. Food and water need to be brought to him. He will whine when he is thirsty and hasn't been offered water for awhile. Tigger is a big boy at 21 pounds, so he needs someone who is able to carry him from place to place. Because he doesn't have use of his back end, he does need to have his bladder expressed which is simple to do. He uses belly bands during the day to make sure he doesn't leak between expressions.

When you are away from the house, Tigger doesn't mind sleeping on his own. However, when his family is home, he wants to be where you are. He is happy sleeping on a dog bed on the floor, but would also love to sleep in bed with you. He is not fond of other dogs and will growl at them when they get in his space. Tigger is not a barker and is very healthy. He gets 1/2 a pill a day to keep bladder infections away.

Those of us in rescue have known and loved Tigger for over 7 years, so we are hoping and praying there is a permanent home for him that will love him through his special needs. He has so much love to give and we are looking for a very special person for Tigger. He desperately deserves it! Please email us at mnmprinfo@gmail.com if you are interested in Tigger.  If you would like to donate to Tigger and other pugs in rescue, please use the PayPal Donate link below.

Mission Statement

Midwest Pug Rescue - MN Division rescues and provides a safe and loving sanctuary for abandoned, surrendered, stray, and neglected pugs.  Midwest Pug Rescue - MN Division works to raise public awareness of the plight of homeless animals through our various community events.  We are an all volunteer organization of pug lovers who are dedicated to the breed with the goal of providing fairy tale endings for our curly tailed friends.  The organization is funded solely through adoption fees and donations.


We had to make the tough decision that all incoming pugs and adoptions are on hold until the rescue can raise enough money to continue to care for the pugs we currently have in rescue. A few very critical care pugs have needed to use much of our financial resources. Check out our Facebook page for pictures of pugs we have in rescue and what they need to have completed before they are ready for adoption. If you would like to donate to their care, please click on the PayPal link below. Every bit helps!!

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Be an iFoster

In our iFoster Program, you donate a regular monthly amount to financially support our fostered pugs.  There are 3 levels of iFosters including:
  • Gold iFoster - $50 per month
  • Silver iFoster - $25 per month
  • Bronze iFoster - $10 per month
All donations are tax deductible. 

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