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10 Year Old Female

Violet is a 10 year old fawn female pug who is a cheerful, easy going gal who gets along with everyone and everything. She wants to be with her person day or night, by either following, playing, or just hanging out and resting.  Violet is hard of hearing, but learns her way around quickly and will follow someone wearing medium size bells, clomping shoes, or by scent. Her eyes aren't the best but she can see shapes, might shy away from approaches to her head, and is fine with approaches to her side. Violet does her elimination at the usual dog time, early a.m., after meals, midday, afternoon, evening, etc. Her "I gotta go!" signs are subtle - restless, whining. Last outside visit is about 9:30 pm or she might have a night time accident. Violet doesn't wear a collar but needs a harness that won't press on her trachea. She doesn't leash walk, its mostly figuring out where she wants to go. For vet visits, I just carry her.  

Violet LOVES to eat, and her kibble should be soaked in liquid so it is soft and puffy but not wet. She has no teeth and her tongue hangs out more than staying in her mouth. This sweet gal needs the usual pug cares for ears, nails, coat, and how fold. She needs special care for her eyes, medications, and some for her mild arthritis.

Adoption fee: $150.00 MN Sales Tax: $10.31

Sales tax is applied to adoption fees in compliance with Minnesota state law regarding animal rescue organizations.

Total Adoption fee: $160.31
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