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Katie and Paige

11 Year Old Females (Bonded Pair)

Paige and Katie are a wonderful pair of female pugs – both around 11 years old.  They’re both still active and are house and crate trained. This dynamic duo displays a strong bond and must be adopted together.  Overall, these 2 are the best fosters we have had. They are extremely loving and happy, stealing hearts wherever they go. If you want pugs who will adore you, follow you around everywhere and be happy snuggling with you on the sofa while you watch TV or peruse Facebook, these are the pugs for you. They’re basically a pug grumble starter pack – fawn/black and quintessential pugs.

Bonded pairs are a special situation where the pugs cannot be separated due to their emotional bond. They’re frequently seen cuddling each other, playing together, or just giving the other one a little sniff.  They also get along great with other dogs, but they’re special to each other.

Katie is the black one – she is generally quiet and her tiny tail wiggles really fast.  Because she has luxating patellas in her back legs, sometimes she walks a little bow legged and is more than happy to just sit in the yard and sun herself.  The condition doesn’t prohibit her from doing short sets of stairs but she will ask very politely for you to lift her onto the sofa or carry her through long stairs.  Her coat is super soft and she just loves being petted on your lap. If you let her in bed with you, Katie climbs under the blanket and falls asleep quickly.

Paige is fawn with a black face and gorgeous brown eyes. Like many pugs, she is missing several front teeth and her tongue hangs out of her mouth a bit.  Of the 2, Paige is more vocal and will bark for a minute after being crated.  Because Paige finishes her meal before Katie and is impatient for Katie to finish, Paige must be fed in a separate area.  After Katie has finished her meal, Paige and Katie are reunited.  Paige has not displayed any aggression around snacks or human food and peacefully shares treats with other dogs including Katie.  Despite her weight, Paige is nimble and does stairs and jumps onto the sofa without issue.  Sometimes she expects the same royal treatment as Katie and will wait for a boost onto the sofa. Paige loves belly rubs and isn’t afraid to demand them.

Paige and Katie are great about doing their business the moment they are let out into the yard, even in the rain, but they want their human outside with them. They are also happy to partake in short walks. In the foster home, they go out about every 4 hours during the day and sleep through the night.  

Both girls have a dental scheduled for July 25th and are being treated for a minor ear infection.  In the meantime, they are enjoying the pug life in the foster home with 3 other pugs. Once they’re given the all clear from any dental extractions they’ll be ready to make your house their home.

Adoption fee: $250.00 MN Sales Tax: $17.19

Sales tax is applied to adoption fees in compliance with Minnesota state law regarding animal rescue organizations.

Total Adoption fee: $267.19

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