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Juelle - ADOPTED!

8 Year Old Female

Hello! My name is Juelle. I'm eight years old and one special little lady. I am pretty timid at first and I don't like quick movements or new things, but once I feel safe I let you see what a cuddler I am. I especially like to have one person all to myself; it makes me feel safe and adored. I really like to lay up against your chest and be held. Once I relax, I just might flip onto my back so that you can run my tummy. (I'm so cute you'll want to run my tummy all the time!)

My veterinarian says I have Pug Myelopathy. That's why I drag my back legs and sometimes don't realize my feet and legs are going the wrong way. Luckily for me, it doesn't hurt and it doesn't affect my ability to seek out your lap, tummy, or arms to be held and cuddled! Unfortunately, this is a progressive disease so I will likely end up not able to use my back legs and will probably need to use puppy diapers or have my bladder expressed. But with my wonderful attitude, it won't bother me. I'll make sure to repay your extra effort with so much love! My vet also said that my eyes aren't what they used to be, so I need artificial tears in them 3 times per day, but I don't mind. It just means I get to be held and cuddled 3 more times a day! I really like car rides. Especially if I get to be held while we're driving. I am a great teacher companion who doesn't get sick in the car.

I really like to sleep on the bed with you and cuddle behind your legs. My foster mom says that I don't snore. I really don't like to be in a crate. It scares me to be in one and I don't like to be separated from you. I cry or scratch at the door if you forget to bring me into the room with you. But my foster mom said that's normal for a pug to want to be with her person. I like to follow her wherever she goes. I like to keep her company and be in the same room with my people. I'm a good girl who doesn't need to be in a crate and I will just nap until you get home if you have to work. My foster mom leaves a piddle pad out for me if she's gone too long and I will use it if I need to, but I'm potty trained. If you ask me if I want to go outside or go potty, I will run to the door to go out. She also says that I'm a good girl who comes when I am called and stays close to her person. This makes camping so much fun! I'm a good travel companion!

I just had all but five teeth pulled. It really doesn't bother me though; my foster mom mixes my dry kibble with soft food and hot water. I think it's terrific! I don't particularly care for children. Their quick movements and grasping hands frighten me. I also feel that I need to protect you from big dogs. Smaller dogs and cats don't bother me at all. I enjoy cuddling and sleeping with my cat and pug friends. I will even share my foster mom and dad's lap with my pug and kitty friends. My foster kitties think I'm so special that they groom me and sleep with me.

In a month I get to be spayed, then I'll be ready to go to my forever home. (My foster mom will get raspberries to hide my medicine in and to use as treats after surgery; they're my favorite treat!) I hope that whoever adopts me realizes just how much love I will give them and cuddles me up against their chest. I was a family who sleeps with me and talks to me. (I like to be told how pretty I am) I really hope they know I like to be kissed on the forehead. After all, that's why pugs have such a perfect forehead for kissing!

Adoption fee: $200.00 MN Sales Tax: $13.76

Sales tax is applied to adoption fees in compliance with Minnesota state law regarding animal rescue organizations.

Total Adoption fee: $213.76
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