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About Midwest Pug Rescue - MN Divsion

Midwest Pug Rescue - MN Division has been a 501c3 nonprofit organization rescuing pugs with a variety of needs since 2007. Over 700 pugs have found happiness and love in forever homes because of all the volunteers, foster families, adopters, financial donors, veterinary clinics, and supporters.

Recently, Midwest Pug Rescue - MN Division (MNMPR) has downsized to a much smaller organization. We take in surrendered pugs on a need or referral basis.  If you know of pug who needs help, please email us at MNMPRinfo@gmail.com.

If you are looking to add a pug into your family, you can keep checking back on our website. We will list any available pugs on our homepage.  If none are listed, we don't have any currently available.  We suggest clicking on the Pug Rescue Link button at the top and networking with other pug rescues, checking PetFinder, or other Minnesota based rescues.  Minnesota has a lot of phenomenal mixed breed rescues who also take in pugs.

Where do donations to Midwest Pug Rescue - MN Division go? MNMPR has committed their financial resources to several hospice pugs who have such extreme medical needs, that it is in their best interest to stay in their forever hospice homes with the medical support of the rescue. We continue to pay for their medical care, medications, food, and ongoing needs. We also have a few adopted pugs with severe medical needs that we have pledged a monetary support to care for a small portion of their medical needs as their care would be too expensive for the typical family. As always, our top priority is love and care in the best home possible for their entire life. We also have pugs come into rescue who have been surrendered or who were in a bad situation.  The typical pug that comes into our organization cost approximately $1,000+ to provide medical care to because of years of neglect or unaddressed medical issues/surgery needs.

What happens to the pugs in rescue that never are posted to the website? Because MNMPR has been an active rescue organization for many years, we have developed an extensive network of fosters, adopters, and forever families. If a previous adoptive family has recently lost a pug, it is very common for them to reach out to us to see the status of pugs we have in rescue.  We have many referrals of adoptive families who refer their friends or family to the rescue for a pug. Therefore, we often have forever homes in mind for rescue pugs soon after they come into rescue, once we are able to learn a bit about their personality and what type of family would be the best fit.

What do you suggest if we are a family looking for a pug? Keep your options open!  Pugs come into rescue through all sorts of organizations.  We will post any available pugs on our homepage.  If there are no pugs on the homepage, then we don't have any currently available.  Check out the rescue organization on the tab at the top of our page, PetFinder, other local all breed rescue organizations, and humane societies.  

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