Midwest Pug Rescue

Minnesota Division

The Adoption Process

Many of the pugs taken in by the rescue have some issues that the foster families are working through with them (either emotional, physical, or training issues) so rescued pugs may need a bit more time and work than a pug without any issues may have. 

The process the rescue follows for adopting a pug is:
  • Fill out the adoption application and one time pay fee online. Applications are kept on file for one year.
  • Applications are received via email and are reviewed by our adoption application team. It may take several days for review depending on the number of applications received. If you are interested in a particular pug it is recommended that you complete the application quickly as some pugs do get placed quite quickly and you may not want to miss your opportunity.
  • While we welcome you to apply for a specific pug, we cannot guarantee that your application will be considered for that pug. Important note: If you are only interested in adopting a puppy (under the age of 1 year), please indicate that on your application. Please understand that we rarely have puppies available for adoption.
  • References on the application are called (both personal and vet references are checked). A home visit will be set up with the potential adoptive family.  A rescue representative will visit with the potential family and "inspect" the home. If available the pug that the family is interested in will be brought along to see if the pug is a fit for the family environment. The adoption coordinator will contact applicants after the reference checks and home visit is complete - typically a phone interview is done.
  • If the references and home visit check out, and the potential adoptive family and the foster family feel that the family/home is a good fit for the pug, the pug may be placed with the adoptive family the same day as the home inspection.
  • If you are approved for adoption, how will you get your pug? All applicants are required to arrange transportation to adopt their pug. We have contacts across several states, and will do our best to facilitate getting your new family member to you but ultimately, it is your responsibility. We DO NOT ship pugs.
  • The adoptive family will be able spend 72 hours with the pug and if for some reason this is not a match a representative from the rescue will pick the pug up. If the family is still interested in adopting a pug, then the adoption coordinator and family will work together to find another pug that may be a better fit for the adoptive family. Although we try to find a fit the first time around, it doesn't always happen.

Please note, from start to finish this adoption process often takes TWO weeks (sometimes longer) to complete once a suitable adoptive family is identified, so please be patient! We are an all volunteer organization.

Adopting a Rescue Dog

Those darn rescues with all of their rules and questions - what gives?

Possible reasons for a denied application:

1. A home that is not right for a rescued pug
2. References do not check out
3. Other pets may not be right for the pug
4. Children may be too active for a rescued pug
5. Resident dogs that are not altered
6. Not 18 years old
7. Other reasons decided by the board of MN Midwest Pug Rescue

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