Midwest Pug Rescue

Minnesota Division

Is a pug the breed you are looking for?


RESEARCH the breed(s) that you interested in and talk to others who own the breed you interested in. A pug (or dog) is a long term commitment and the ownership of one should not be taken lightly.


Generally, you should avoid buying your pug puppy in a pet store. These dogs are sometimes bred in puppy mills and under dreadful conditions. Instead, research the Pug breeders in your area and try to talk to people who have bought puppies from them in the past.

When you have found a breeder that comes highly recommended, make sure to ask for the medical history of the puppy’s parents. If the parents have had health problems, the risk is huge that these same problems are passed down to their puppies.

Last but not least, if you’re out “shopping” for a Pug, it is always a GREAT idea to ADOPT one. There are many orphan Pugs out there, and truthfully, besides maybe saving his or her life, what could be better than giving an adorable homeless Pug a loving home?


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