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History of the Pug


The pug is thought to be of Oriental orgin (as early as 400 B.C.), with some basic similarities to the Pekingese. China is the earliest know source of the pug, where the pug was the pet of the Buddhist monasteries in Tibet. The pug then appeared in Japan and then later in Europe, where it was popular among the royal courts.


Famous Original Pug owners:

Josephine, Napoleon’s wife (1796)

William, Prince of Orange in Holland (around 1688)

William Hogarth, an English painter (1697-1764)


The pug as it appears today did not exist until the 1800’s. The pugs body changed in shape, size and color throughout the years.


After the Civil War the pug spread throughout Europe and America.


The American Kennel Club officially recognized the breed in 1885.

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